Reliability-Price Tradeoff

Reliability matters

You don't want to miss important emails or lose business because your web host is down.

Reliability isn't free

Any company offering 99.99% reliability for $5/mo is either dishonest or going out of business. And any company offering true 99.99% reliability is going to break your budget. There's no magic solution in the web hosting industry when it comes to reliability.

How much do you want to spend on reliability?

The graph to the right can help you decide.

The first point on the graph, , represents the average web hosting company: cheap and fairly unreliable.

Moving from to costs a small amount and results in a significant increase in reliability.

Moving from to incurs massive costs in exchange for a marginal increase in reliability.

TrustyWebHost strikes a balance between reliability and price, , that's perfect for small-business and important personal web sites.

Network Operations Center

Servers are housed at the Network Access Corporation (NAC) Datacenter in Parsipanny, New Jersey. NAC bandwidth is extremely low-latency, even in locations outside the United States — especially Europe and Asia.

Network Topology

Uninterruptible Power System:

Fire Supression:

Temperature Control:

Server Cabinets:

Reliability-Price Tradeoff



All servers are locked down and kernels are hardened. Knowledgeable and experienced technicians with fast patch response time handle security.


All customer data is automatically backed up daily, weekly, and monthly.

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